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Integrating Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Organizations have spent billions of dollars over the last 25 years on tools and services to address cybersecurity from a technical perspective.  Yet, breaches continue to grow at an exponential rate.


The criminal understands that the weakest link in any organization are the people that work for and with that organization.

Whether its an employee clicking on something they shouldn't or an application developer working on a tight time line who decides to cut corners, human beings are the easiest pathway in to any organization.


ACI Cybersecurity
All Inclusive Awareness Training Program

Addressing the human element of Cybersecurity

With nearly 20 years experience in the Internet security industry, ACI Cybersecurity leverages the Power of Partnerships to provide a customized cybersecurity awareness training program to fit the needs and budget of Enterprise to SMB, Education and non-profit organizatons.

ACI Cybersecurity understands to educate and change a culture of, "something bad will never happen to me", it is essential to motivate the student to care about the content and provide it in a format that is continuously reinforced.  Our training offers include:

  • In-class Instruction - Our primary instructor and content creator is one of North America's leading cybersecurity experts.  His bio includes many industry key notes, numerous television appearances, as well as, working with the FBI Cyber Task Force.

  • Animated Video Instruction - A truly unique approach to cybersecurity education which provides an ideal path to train large groups of people and / or those with cost restrictions.  Video Instruction can be customized to the specific client.

  • Module Instruction and Testing - A traditional approach that is integrated into our clients HR programs which can be tracked & scored.

Take advantage of the complete program to reinforce the message or choose which options fit with your existing training programs.  


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ACI Cybersecurity

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