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Integrating Cybersecurity Awareness Training

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity breaches continue to be a constant threat to both organizations and individuals alike.


Over the past 30 years, organizations have spent billions of dollars on Cybersecurity tools, services, support and resources in an attempt to protect their assets and employees.  Yet, network breaches and cyber attacks continue to grow at an exponential rate.

Research data on cyber hacking and other cybersecurity threats tells us that people, not technology, continue to be the biggest threat to cybersecurity. Whether it is an employee clicking on something they shouldn't or an application developer working on a tight timeline who decides to cut corners, human beings are the easiest pathway into any organization’s data centres and sensitive information holdings. By manipulating basic human behaviour, it is clear that hackers are hacking people through manipulation and deception.

ACI Cybersecurity Awareness Training provides the solutions for those looking to reduce their risk of cybersecurity breaches.


How ACI Can Help

At ACI Cybersecurity, our experience has shown that you can force people to train but you can not force people to learn or change their behaviour.  The only way to change human behaviour is to educate the individual on why cybersecurity is important to them on a personal level and motivate them to take the actions required to protect them and their families.  


ACI Cybersecurity has created extensive training programs designed to help organizations and their employees develop human-centric strategies to protect their personal and corporate sensitive information from cybercrime.

The People’s Cybersecurity Survey

With the help of numerous university students and professional volunteers, 5000 employees from different organizations were contacted for this survey from March 11th 2020 to April 17th 2020.

The organizations involved: 

This was a national survey with a mix of industries and market sizes. 

The employees surveyed: 

The employees that were surveyed were non-management staff. 

The goal of the survey:   

To discover the working force’s cybersecurity knowledge by conducting an informal and anonymous survey that focuses entirely on non-management staff, not C-level executives or leaders within organizations that may have biased opinions on their company’s true cyber hygiene. 

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