Animated Video Discussion

Family-Driven Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees 

Our high quality animated video instruction is a truly unique approach to cybersecurity education. This engaging video content is an ideal method for training large groups of people at a reasonable cost point. Video Instruction can be customized to the specific client and is scalable based on your team and budget.  


The Family

Driven Concept

Family-Driven Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your employees is incredibly successful because instead of forcing them to learn, we motivate them to care. We do this by providing an easy-to-digest animated video program that can be shared with the entire family on any device, at any time or place. 
Developed by cybersecurity experts in conjunction with master storytellers, this program is more successful than competing programs because your employees will see it as a pathway to protecting themselves and their loved ones, not just as corporate training. 

There are 11 animated course videos – each video covering the following topics:  

- Intro to Cybersecurity Awareness

- What is Sensitive Information and How to Protect it

- How Hackers use Social Engineering to trick you

- Safe Web security - Password Security

- Workplace Security

- Mobile Security

- Social Media Security

- Public Wi-Fi Security

- Incident Reporting

- How to spot an incident and properly report     it and why that is a good thing  

- Spotting Fake News

Why You Are A Target

Public Wi-Fi Security

Training Packages at ACI Cybersecurity

All of our programs are scalable and customizable for each client. Take advantage of the complete program to reinforce the message or choose which options fit with your existing training programs.