Awareness Training

Instructor Led

Our lead instructor and content creator, is one of North America's leading cybersecurity experts. His extensive experience has led him to numerous high-profile teaching and investigative roles including countless industry keynotes, numerous television appearances, in addition to working with the FBI Cyber Task Force.

What This Course Will Cover

Backed by the Cybercrime Equation, this course will go into detail about the specifics of a hacker’s targets and methodologies. This course teaches organizations and individuals how to identify and protect sensitive information, along with general cybersecurity awareness strategies.


From there, you will learn how to recognize cyber-attacks to understand the type of attacks that are most popular with hackers. You will learn not just about the different types of malware, but specifically how hackers use social engineering to play on the emotions of their victims. This information is the an important first step in understanding how to spot and avoid cyber attacks.

This course shares important insight into what hackers are targeting, including the most vulnerable information to a hacker, like passwords and information shared on public WiFi. It is important to learn how to protect this vulnerable information with the right tools in the event your cybersecurity is breached.

Course Breakdown

The specifics that will be covered in this course include:

- Intro to Cybersecurity Awareness

- What is Sensitive Information and How to Protect it

- How Hackers use Social Engineering to trick you

- Suspicious links and how to avoid them

The Laws of Cybersecurity

Our Instructor Led Cybersecurity Awareness Training introduces the concept of the three most important cybersecurity laws and uses them as a learning launchpad. The laws are:

1. If you have data, you have cyber risk
2. If there is a vulnerability, it will be exploited
3. Humans are far more vulnerable than technology

Law Enforcement and This Program

The Crime Triangle is an equation that identifies three factors involved in a criminal offence. The factors of the Crime Triangle are (a.) the offender committing the crime, (b.) the victim of the crime and (c.) the opportunity or environment for the crime to be committed.


Offender + Victim + Opportunity = Crime.

The Crime Triangle equation is used by authorities to help illustrate how you can prevent crime by avoiding vulnerable environments, making you are less likely to become a victim.


Bestselling author and cybersecurity awareness educator Danny Pehar has adapted The Crime Triangle to create the Cybercrime Equation that’s also used as a powerful learning methodology. This methodology is designed to educate organizations and individuals on strategies to protect themselves against cybersecurity threats.


Target + Attack + Vulnerability = Impact

Training Packages at ACI Cybersecurity

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