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ACI Cybersecurity

All-Inclusive Awareness Training Program

With nearly 20 years of experience in the Internet security industry, ACI Cybersecurity leverages the Power of Partnerships to provide a customized cybersecurity awareness training programs designed to fit your needs and budget. We have worked with a diverse range of clients including individuals, large scale organizations, enterprise organizations, SMB, education organizations and institutions and non-profits. At ACI Cybersecurity, we understand that in order to educate and change a culture of complacency among employees, it is important to address the underlying behaviours that cause breaches in cyber information and security.

Instructor Led

Our lead instructor and content creator, is one of North America's leading cybersecurity experts. His extensive experience has led him to numerous high-profile teaching and investigative roles including countless industry keynotes, numerous television appearances, in addition to working with the FBI Cyber Task Force.

Animated Video Instruction

Our high quality animated video instruction is a truly unique approach to cybersecurity education. This engaging video content is an ideal method for training large groups of people at a reasonable cost point. Video Instruction can be customized to the specific client and is scalable based on your team and budget.  

Module Instruction & Testing

ACI Cybersecurity has experience working with a number of leading edge training modules and testing programs.  With that said, it's been our experience that modular training programs do very little to change behaviour and thus protect your organization.  For more information on our research:

Training Packages at ACI Cybersecurity

All of our programs are scalable and customizable for each client. Take advantage of the complete program to reinforce the message or choose which options fit with your existing training programs.